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My life has been tremendously blessed by the techniques and resources Success Journey has given me because I have developed a conciousness for success!
Brandon, Houston, Tx

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​Success coach, Dr. Winston Cooper, is a vanguard leader and catalyst for such a time as this. He is a lover of leadership, philanthropy, and theology. As a life coach, he believes in helping others discover their true purpose and in giving effective strategies that will unlock and release untapped potential within them. Dr. Cooper has a passionate desire to unlock destinies, shifting individuals into greater horizons, and helping them  to accomplish their goals and dreams. Dr. Cooper is determined to catapult those to whom he is connected with to a proper understanding of the purpose of God for their life. Dr. Cooper holds various degrees in education and Theology. He also holds a practitioner certificate for NLP training. Dr. Cooper is the author of Walking in the Power of the Seven Spirits and The Apostolic Dimension. He resides in Houston with his lovely wife Jessica L. Cooper, and has three children, Ezekiel, Thaddeus, and Genesis. 

Mission Statement: Building successful habits in the lives of men & women that will advance them in their journey in life.

We are committed to making you discover & hit your SUCCESS mark!!

The Success Journey life coaching specializes in: 

  • Coaching college students
  • Coaching adults 
  • Coaching others on how to write books
  • System development for self-education that will make you a fortune 
  • Coaching you to discover proper resources that will excel you on your journey in life
  • Training in theology & spiritual principles 
  • Training in effective speaking 
  • Building up self-esteem and maintaining a wealth consciousness 
  • Leadership training 
  • Developing a success journal 
  • Developing meditation techniques to help you stay focused on the pursuit of your goals
  • Expanding rapport with yourself & others
  • Accountability partnership

Life coach stages: 
- Design alliance with client
- Create goals and spheres 
- Establish value systems 
- Create mental map
- Mind reframing & reprogramming 

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